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Sunshine Poke & Sushi Rolls

515 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92054

If you are anything like my family then you know finding good and affordable local restaurants while on vacation is very important.  North Coast Village is perfectly situated between the Oceanside Harbor and the Oceanside Pier and you can rest assured that when you stay here, fresh, quality food isn’t hard to find.  Thanks to my husband Josh, a true foodie, we have a second restaurant review to offer.  And with that I will officially announce what I am going to refer to as Josh’s Foodie Files.   Since the previous review was for the burger lovers out there today’s review is for the all the Poke and Sushi Roll people.

Sunshine Poke & Sushi Rolls

Sunshine Poke & Sushi Rolls Storefront Signage

Sunshine Poke & Sushi Rolls is a fast casual Mom and Pop restaurant on Highway 101 and Mission Ave.  A great and affordable place to enjoy fresh Sushi Rolls and Poke without having to go to a sit down restaurant.  Sunshine specializes in Poke bowls and Sushi rolls that are made with high quality fresh fish and ingredients.  

Sunshine Poke Bowl with seaweed salad, ginger, octopus, tempura, edemame, avecado

Their most popular Poke Bowl is the Special Poke bowl which has Tuna, Salmon, Spicy Tuna, and Spicy Krab.  The Poke bowls are served with all the essential toppings but you can customize your own.  They also offer delicious Seaweed, Octopus and Squid salads.  No beer or wine or fountain soda but they have a selection of bottled beverages.  Order at the counter and the food is brought out to you.  Sunshine Sushi has indoor seating, as well as bar seating looking out onto the 101.  They have a couple small tables on the sidewalk as well.  Sunshine is a good value for the money and a perfect place for lunch or lite dinner.   

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